Chicken Kadam

This is to my father, who himself is an ardent cook and a connoisseur of food. He picked up this recipe half way from a cook show and developed it to suit his taste. The name also has been coined by him!

Difficulty: Easy | Prep Time: 1 hr | Cook Time: 10 mins| Yield: 12 Pieces

150 gms Minced Chicken
½ cup Rice*
1” piece of Ginger
1 Green Chilli
Salt to Taste
1 tsp Oil


  1. Wash and soak the rice for about an hour.
  2. Finely chop the ginger. Should make about 1½ tbsp chopped ginger.
  3. Finely chop the green chilli.
  4. Drain out the rice and take it on a plate. Ensure there is no excess water in the rice.
  5. Mix the ginger and the chilli with the chicken adding salt according to taste. Divide into 12 portions and make them into balls. The balls might tend to be a bit sticky at this stage. If unmanageable, apply a little oil on your palms.
  6. Roll the chicken balls on to the rice and cover it well with the rice.

  7. Now steam the balls in a covered container. Or just make sure that water doesn’t reach the chicken balls while they are getting steamed.
  8. Do smear the oil in the container before placing them.
  9. If cooked in a pressure cooker it should take about 10 mins to be done (first on high, then on medium). Or steam them until done.
  10. Serve hot as a starter or snacks.
*Ideally use fine, small grained rice.


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